Feed Your Soul

A new company based in Malaysia called Hessa Bags recently contacted me to send me one of their beautiful bags. I was quite honored to be the first blogger to collaborate with them! The company strives to produce meaningful yet practical bags because sometimes we can get so wrapped in this dunya that we need daily reminders to shift our focus on what really matters, our deen. It was not pictured because I couldn’t get a clear picture of it but on the backside of the bag there are words written on each of the little red flags stemming from the flowers: tilawah, tawbah, dhikr, shukr, sabr, sadaqah, halaqa, tawakkal, tafakkur, du’a, and solat, these words are to serve as daily reminders and remembrance of Allah (swt). A portion of their proceeds are donated to charity, and every month they highlight a new charity that their donations will be going to. The bags are gorgeous and practical for anyone on the go, they are the perfect size too and fit everything you need on a daily basis. They are very well made; lined on the inside with a zipper top closure. They also have 3 different pockets inside, and two on the outside with button closures. They currently come in two colors, Feed Your Soul (Dawn)and Feed Your Soul (Dusk). I am holding the Dawn in these photos. They are priced at RM179.00 MYR this converts to $47.00 in USD and remember that a portion does go to charity! I hope you love them as much as I do <3









Bag: Hessa Bags

Hijab: Vela Scarves

Top: Forever 21 old (another one here)

Pants: Forever 21 sold out (similar ones here)

Necklace: Shop Urbanite

Sandals: Marshalls (similar ones here)