Can I Use an LED Flashlight to Cure Gel Nails?

An indispensable tool for nail technicians is a heater with an integrated UV and LED light lamp for nails.

However, there have been rumors that the light in the lamp is dangerous to humans if exposed to it for a long time.

So, should the workers continue to use the lights and ignore the rumors?

Should nail technicians continue using an LED flashlight to cure gel nails?

Can I Use an LED Flashlight to Cure Gel Nails?

What is the difference between UV light and LED light used for gel nail maintenance?

Both nail lamps produce ultraviolet (UV) rays and can cure nail gels.

Now, the thing with light-emitting diode (LED) lamps is that it cures gel nail polish by activating the photoinitiators within the gel.

The difference between the LED from the UV lamp is that UV lamps emit wider wavelengths taking it longer to cure the gel.

The LED lamp on the other hand uses narrower wavelengths targeting the photoinitiators curing the nail gel faster.

So basically LED nail lamps tend to cure the nail gels faster drying up gel nail polish as fast as 30 seconds.

Compared to LED lamps, UV lamps take longer to dry up nail polish. It takes about 2 minutes to dry.

If you are using hybrid nail curing lamps, UV gel lamps are not recommended for use.

Using the said lamp tends these gels to heat up more, overheat, become brittle, and even peel a lot.

If the lamp is a hybrid type, it is definitely recommended to use LED gel because you will have better results with gel healing.

Can I Use an LED Flashlight to Cure Gel Nails?

Are LED nail drying materials safe?

UV rays are invisible and some people find it hard to believe it is damaging considering it cannot be seen.

But, as proven by scientists, too much exposure to the said rays can damage the genetic material in your skin cells.

In essence, most nail lamps, not just nail dryers, use UV light, but it’s not too dangerous if used properly.

Moreover, if the UV rays are not too strong and one limits the exposure to the said rays, UV light may be beneficial.

Therefore, it is best that nail technicians use LED lamps rather than the UV ones.

Here are five outstanding advantages nail technicians get if they use LED lamps to dry the nails of customers:

LED Lights have less UV light than sunlight

Ultraviolet rays (UV rays) are a form of electromagnetic rays, which help the skin to synthesize vitamin D.

However, exposure to UV rays from beauty treatments utilizing it is better than what you get directly from the sun.

In fact, an outdoor walk under the sun can make you absorb more UV rays which are considered to be harmful.

However, if exposed for minimal amounts, UV rays tend to produce benefits, too.

Ultraviolet rays are known to have the ability to kill bacteria through sterilization and cure certain diseases such as psoriasis.

This is the reason why some popular beauty treatments use UV light.

One popular beauty treatment using UV light is gel nail lamps which are known to use lesser UV light than tanning beds.

It’s a good thing to know that these nail lamps are all limited to a safe level. And there are certified when marketed.

Therefore, we do not need to worry too much about the danger of UV rays when having your nails done.

Shorten the drying time

Most older light bulbs require 60 to 90 seconds to dry the gel completely.

However, new lights have now been improved to shorten the amount of time the skin will be exposed to.

Some lamp types only take seconds to dry the primer and about 30 seconds to dry the gel coating.

Therefore, LED lamps are known to be better in shortening the drying process of gel nail polish compared to UV lamps.

The Skin Cancer Foundation encourages its use

According to an official statement from the Skin Cancer Foundation, the use of LEDs and even UV lamps are considered safe.

The use of the said lights especially by nail technicians is absolutely essential for the beauty industry.

Through minimal exposure to the UV lights emitted from these lamps, nail technicians tend to improve their craft.

Although the organization has stated that it is harmful when the skin is exposed to large amounts of UV light.

Frequent exposure to large amounts of UV rays can cause skin cancer and premature skin aging.

However, they immediately ensure that even the LED devices at its highest intensity UV / UV light are only medium risk.

Safe and simple prevention

If you are still worried about UV exposure, there are a number of steps you can take to protect your customers.

There are very simple yet cost-effective measures one can adhere to so that customers will not worry about skin damage.

Measures may be adhered; such as adding UVA or UVB sunscreens on your customers’ hands before exposing it to LED lights.

Typically, UVA or UVB sunscreens all work to protect the skin from excessive UV exposure.

However, one should be careful not to apply sunscreen directly to the nails.

Doing so affects the effectiveness of the gel paint and your customer might not get the best nail results.

In addition to sunscreen products, nail technicians can invest in specialized UV protection gloves for different types of lamps.

Adhering to such measures helps protect the skin for customers who do not apply sunscreen at home first.

Moreover, providing such preventive measures also helps to increase the professionalism of the store.

What Causes Pimples on Face?

Pimples are the most annoying thing that occurs in our skins and it usually appears during the most unfavourable times like just before a big romantic date, job interview, or other similar special occasions. In order to know what are the main causes behind these annoying pimples, you should begin with the study of what is the pimple. When you research about pimples you will come to know that the causes and treatment options of the acne, as well as pimples, are almost precisely the similar things.

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What Causes Pimples on Face

The main causes of pimples

Pimples appear in the skin if the dead skin cells and bacteria get accumulated in the skin pores, a minute opening in the skin that makes them get clogged. The skin possesses the bacteria inhabiting in it, the problem occurs if these bacteria are likely to find its way to penetrate the skin pores and it results in an infection. There are also a few symptoms associated with these infections such as the appearance of the red bumps on the skin, which may secrete pus. The dead skin cells might get increased because of the high secretion and production sebum and it is also caused because of insufficient hygiene.

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Other causes of pimples

The other causes of the pimple also includes like changes in the immune system where the defences of your body are likely to lower down which leaves you away to infections. These infections can also be the reason for the pimples. The other causes include illness, stress as well as hormonal changes. These changes in your body can make you prone to develop pimples. Stress not only creates pimples but also ruin your wellness and health completely. Ensure that you lead a stress-free life to stay healthy. Women might get pimple during the times of the monthly period which are like to disappear when their hormone gets balanced by itself.

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