Rules for visiting new baby

Gift for Pregnancy

When a baby was born, it presents you a most auspicious moment for mom and dad also for many family members and friends. Looking the new born baby for the first time, it gives you pretty excitement feel. While visiting the new born, you have to follow certain rules for baby’s good will. It is best to not rush to visit the baby, as it is better to visit them after getting an invite to see them, because the families need to get adjust and the baby have to adapt with the environment. Also the baby use to sleep for hours, so it is good to visit them after getting permission that cause no stress to the family. When visiting the baby it is better to stay for a short time, as it is not only you are the one to visit as many visitors will come so that family can get time to rest or greet others because welcoming the new born is a great celebration for all.

When visiting the mom and new born, it is better to bring something by understanding their needs and it could be useful for them. If you want to hold the new born, it is good to ask permission from their mom instead of snatching them as trying to get baby in hands forcefully can trigger mom’s anxiety. Either going to hold the baby or not it is necessary to keep the hands clean when visiting them through this can set the outside germs off. If you are sick it is not advisable to visit the new born because infant can easily get infected by germs. Have to concern about the mother as well because the excitement of seeing the baby make to forget everything so while visiting them it is better to bring her favorite meal and show more love also provide the needed help. Entering the house were new born is there don’t cause much noise that may disrupt their sleep also have to keep the environment neat and clean where baby is staying. Never should kiss the infant as there are chances of causing infections due to germs. Likewise there are many things have to be taken care while visiting the new born and keep in mind about the don’ts for baby’s welfare.

What will be the best gift to give for pregnancy?

If you are planning to give a gift for the mom who is going to give birth for a baby sooner then pick something useful for her. There are many options that could be the best gift for pregnancy from that you can choose that you find good to present. You can gift Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter as this soothing lotion keeps her growing tummy moisturized. Belly Buds Baby-Bump Headphones is a good option as by using this baby can get the message clear and loud when mom plays her favorite music or her voice recordings at the time of pregnancy, the baby can hear and it makes feel to be connected with them. Present Leachco Snoogle Original Maternity Total Body Pillow with this you are solve the sleeping challenge that occurs during pregnancy as this support her entire body so that she can get good rest. The great choice to give the bump boxes that were present according to the trimester pregnancy gift box was available and the bump boxes contain the fun assortment items that were helpful to moms. Nursing Dress, Robe & Baby Blanket Pouch Set is best to give as they are comfortable to wear and matching blanket for baby. Likewise there are many things were there to gift during pregnancy.

Gift for Pregnancy

Shop pregnancy gifts easily in online

Nowadays there are number of online shopping sites that were especially for shopping the products required for pregnant woman and new born also these things were available on other shopping sites too. Also you can get the pregnancy gift in shops too. Use online to learn which could be the best gift for pregnant woman and this helps to choose a best gift for pregnancy. Even you can find the gift option on the budget you have planned easily in online.

How to Use Bha Exfoliants?

The Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) is non-abrasive and leaves on exfoliants that work more efficiently than the scrubs and provide extra benefits. Basically, the well-formulated exfoliants with BHA have lots of things to enhance your skin health. Even the best bha exfoliator products support to struggle against the signs of ageing and breakouts and more. Sometimes, BHA is commonly known as salicylic acid. However, the cosmetic products consist of this ingredient are majorly utilized to eliminate the dead skin calls, i.e. exfoliating in other terms.

How does it work?

Naturally, your skin sheds the dead skin cells. This natural process can become obstructed; because of oily or dry skin, any skin concern, sun damage or genetics. Then, the result is dry skin, milia, dull looking, uneven skin tone, breakouts or clogged pores. Normally, the bha exfoliants greatly supports to restore the natural process. If you eliminate the dead skin cells mildly, then you can prevent the pores from becoming clogged, visibly reduce the depth of wrinkles, rehydrate dry skin and also supports to prevent the breakouts. Also, you appear younger instantly. Thus, the exfoliants can do the following:

  • Smoothing bumpy and rough skin
  • Reducing the look of wrinkles
  • Maximizing hydration
  • Getting clarity to uneven/dull skin tone
  • Unclogging pores

Why should you use bha exfoliants?

The main reason for using BHA exfoliants is supported to minimize the wrinkles. They also motivate the formation of collagen as well as strengthen the skin. However, the certain properties of this product will determine the best bha exfoliator for you. Here are some of the major benefits of using bha exfoliants products that include:

  • BHA is highly recommended for sensitive skin, oily skin, rosacea prone skin and blackheads as well as breakouts.
  • BHA also eliminates the dead skin cells on a surface and also in the pores.
  • BHA contains anti-inflammatory properties that fight against blackheads, breakouts and enlarged pores.
  • If you have acne, spots and red sensitive skin, BHA products are a perfect choice for you; because it contains anti-bacterial effect.
  • If your skin reacts positively to any of these conditions, BHA is worth attempting it.

How to exfoliate with BHA?

How to Use Bha Exfoliants

If you want to exfoliate with BHA, below are steps to be followed:

  • Initially, you have to apply your BHA exfoliants, after the toner and cleanser steps in your monotonous. If it is a liquid, you can apply it by using a cotton pad. If it is gel or lotion, you can apply it by using fingers.
  • Once applied, you do not want to wait for BHA to gets dry. Rather, you can apply any other product in your monotonous like serum, moisturizer, sunscreen or eye cream instantly afterwards.
  • You can also use this BHA exfoliants around your eye area, but not an eyelid or directly beneath the eye.
  • Exfoliating with BHA from a neck down has numerous advantages.
  • Also, how frequent you must exfoliate based on your skin type as well as skin concerns. Even some people do better exfoliating with bha at least two times per day.

BHA exfoliation- Is it worth?

Primarily, the exfoliation in cosmetology is an excellent cosmetic technique that aims to enhance the appearance of your skin by just eliminating the dead skin cells from a surface of the skin. Even eliminating the unwanted dead skin cells can also disclose the healthier as well as younger appearing skin beneath. Therefore, this exfoliation is most frequently accomplished via either chemical or mechanical resources.

Advantages of exfoliation

Actually, the exfoliation is specially designed to support transformation of a skin and also avoid the unwanted conditions such as ingrown hairs or acne marking. Commonly, the exfoliation bha is used as a part of daily skin care routine. Its cosmetic procedures like microdermabrasion and dermabrasion are both ultimate cases of exfoliation, where the surface layer of skin is eliminated. However, it is very much essential to exfoliate skin at least two times per week, unless it is a day-to-day exfoliator. To do this, you can find the best bha exfoliator and be gentle with the skin as well as casually apply it all over your face for better result.

What Causes Pimples on Face?

Pimples are the most annoying thing that occurs in our skins and it usually appears during the most unfavourable times like just before a big romantic date, job interview, or other similar special occasions. In order to know what are the main causes behind these annoying pimples, you should begin with the study of what is the pimple. When you research about pimples you will come to know that the causes and treatment options of the acne, as well as pimples, are almost precisely the similar things. The foremost variation is that acne breakouts are the most likely seen during the teenage and young adult years, whereas the pimples are likely to appear at any stages of life with the appropriate initiation. There is a proverb called as prevention is better than cure which is certainly applicable here. First of all, try to prevent the pimples affecting your skin. If you take a serious effort you can easily get rid of the pimples too. Always prefer the natural remedies which will enhance the healthy part of your skin.

What Causes Pimples on Face

The main causes of pimples

Pimples appear in the skin if the dead skin cells and bacteria get accumulated in the skin pores, a minute opening in the skin that makes them get clogged. The skin possesses the bacteria inhabiting in it, the problem occurs if these bacteria are likely to find its way to penetrate the skin pores and it results in an infection. There are also a few symptoms associated with these infections such as the appearance of the red bumps on the skin, which may secrete pus. The dead skin cells might get increased because of the high secretion and production sebum and it is also caused because of insufficient hygiene. These both factors will gradually lead to the breakouts of the pimples. If you fail to cleanse the skill properly, then you are most likely welcoming the clogged skin pores all by yourself. This clogged pore will soon develop into pimples. If you wash your skin excessively then your skin might receive signals to stimulate the secretion of the excessive amount of sebum which in turn might aggravate your pimple. It is just recommended to wash your face two times a day. You can wash your face before you go to bed.

Other causes of pimples

The other causes of the pimple also includes like changes in the immune system where the defences of your body are likely to lower down which leaves you away to infections. These infections can also be the reason for the pimples. The other causes include illness, stress as well as hormonal changes. These changes in your body can make you prone to develop pimples. Stress not only creates pimples but also ruin your wellness and health completely. Ensure that you lead a stress-free life to stay healthy. Women might get pimple during the times of the monthly period which are like to disappear when their hormone gets balanced by itself. If the pimple breakout taunts you heavily, then you might give a try to expect the succeeding appearance of the pimple and make sure to keep your skin extra clean and free of sebum just before your next period. Everyone body does not function in the same way, so the causes of pimples are not the same for everybody but these are the causes that usually occurs in everyone’s body. You can try using of the best korean face mask which is widely recommended by the most of women around the globe. It has also given the best results to all the skin types. If you are trying to get rid of pimples try this for 100 per cent results.

How to Take Care of Dry Facial Skin?

Dry skin on the face is a common skincare problem among many people. This issue can be a result of a combination of different factors, including heat, humidity, skin conditions, and the use of products that contain harsh ingredients.

You don’t need an expensive dermatological treatment to deal with your dry skin. There are home remedies and over-the-counter products that can prove to be promising. You can also use the best facial kit for dry skin for an all-in-one package of everything you will need. Click here to find out our top pick. 

In the rest of this post, we will quickly list down the best ways to take care of your facial skin to combat dryness. There is no magic formula on how to bid goodbye to the problem, so you might need to try one or more of these tips. 

Apply a Moisturizer

One of the most basic tips when it comes to taking care of dry facial skin is to moisturize. In fact, a moisturizer is still one of the most under-rated skincare products despite the fact that its benefits have already been widely written.

There is a big debate on when you should apply a moisturizer. If you will ask us, we will recommend that you apply moisturizer in the morning before you head out. This provides an additional layer of protection towards external elements that can damage the skin, such as sun and pollution.

It is also important that you pay attention to the moisturizer that you are using. It needs to offer protection from the harmful rays of the sun. It should not contain alcohol. Look for natural blends of oils that can effectively hydrate the skin.

Cleanse Your Face

Another excellent way to deal with dry facial skin is proper cleansing. Like in the case of moisturizers, you need to be careful with your choice of cleanser to make sure that it won’t irritate or dry out your skin.

Avoid facial cleansers that contain soap or alcohol, especially if you have delicate skin. Look for natural ingredients with moisturizing and hydrating benefits. Stay away from those with sulfates or salicylic acid.

Aside from the ingredients, you also need to pay attention to how you wash your face. Do not use towels that are too rough. Do not scrub with too much pressure.

Use Warm Water

It does not matter whether you are washing your face or taking a shower. The important thing is to make sure that you are using warm and never hot water. Hot water gets rid of the sebum in the skin, which is the reason why it appears dry.

Use a Humidifier

One of the culprits for dry facial hair is your environment. Therefore, when the room is dry, the same effect can happen on the face. With this, an easy solution is to invest in a humidifier. This will help to keep the room moist, as well as your skin. This comes handy during your sleep.

Protect Yourself from the Cold

Speaking of environmental factors, extreme cold can also negatively impact your skin and make it dry. A good solution is to wrap a scarf around your neck. Choose a scarf made of soft and natural materials to prevent skin irritation.

Have a Healthy Diet

This is perhaps the most important, not only to combat dryness but for other skincare problems as well. Eat foods that are good for the skin. You need to load up on foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, such as avocado and salmon.

Wrap Up

Your dry facial skin can be stubborn. Even with the best skincare products, it can still be apparent. To deal with this skin problem, we recommend that you go beyond the products that you are using on your skin.


Red lips & Roses

I cannot believe that there is only a week left of Ramadan! I say this every year, but it seriously flies by so quickly. I still have NO idea what I’m wearing for Eid but this gorgeous floral maxi dress from Urban Modesty could be your Eid dress! I’ve paired it with a boater hat and red lipstick for a classic Parisian look and I’m really loving how vintage it looks <3









Maxi Dress: Urban Modesty

Hijab: Hijabista

Purse: Kate Spade

Hat: Forever 21 sold out (similar one here)

Sandals: Target




Feed Your Soul

A new company based in Malaysia called Hessa Bags recently contacted me to send me one of their beautiful bags. I was quite honored to be the first blogger to collaborate with them! The company strives to produce meaningful yet practical bags because sometimes we can get so wrapped in this dunya that we need daily reminders to shift our focus on what really matters, our deen. It was not pictured because I couldn’t get a clear picture of it but on the backside of the bag there are words written on each of the little red flags stemming from the flowers: tilawah, tawbah, dhikr, shukr, sabr, sadaqah, halaqa, tawakkal, tafakkur, du’a, and solat, these words are to serve as daily reminders and remembrance of Allah (swt). A portion of their proceeds are donated to charity, and every month they highlight a new charity that their donations will be going to. The bags are gorgeous and practical for anyone on the go, they are the perfect size too and fit everything you need on a daily basis. They are very well made; lined on the inside with a zipper top closure. They also have 3 different pockets inside, and two on the outside with button closures. They currently come in two colors, Feed Your Soul (Dawn)and Feed Your Soul (Dusk). I am holding the Dawn in these photos. They are priced at RM179.00 MYR this converts to $47.00 in USD and remember that a portion does go to charity! I hope you love them as much as I do <3









Bag: Hessa Bags

Hijab: Vela Scarves

Top: Forever 21 old (another one here)

Pants: Forever 21 sold out (similar ones here)

Necklace: Shop Urbanite

Sandals: Marshalls (similar ones here)




outfit of the day: some florals

This is what I wore to go grocery shopping and run some errands with hubby! We went out for Iftar afterwards so don’t be fooled into thinking this is always how I look when running errands LOL I usually look far from this. hahahahah 😀








Hijab: Haute Hijab

Floral top: Forever 21 old (this one is cute too)

Light Jacket: Marshalls (found an almost identical one on Forever 21)

Pants: Forever 21 sold-out (these are similar)

Necklace: MonAmour Collection

Bracelets: American Eagle old (I like these too)

Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Purse: Kate Spade

Sandals: Marshalls (these are similar)




June: Ipsy & Birchbox

Ipsy Glam Bag and Birchbox are monthly beauty subscription boxes for $10 a month and they provide you with 5-6 samples in each box. The beauty and/or make up samples are curated to suit your needs, according to a quiz you take when you first sign up.









The theme for the May Birchbox was ‘Adventure’ and this months picks were to help you get creative and adventure out of your comfort zone to try new things! The boxes for this month were again, extremely beautiful! You could’ve received one of three different designs; Say Yes, Next Stop: Adventure, or Adventure Is A State Of Mind. Each box had its own color of beautiful ombre and the writing was in a shiny gold! I REALLY loved the boxes this month.

  • Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle – This product is exclusive to Birchbox. I already have the full-size of this but I was still happy to receive a little travel size for when I am traveling! This stuff smells amazing and it really works well for people who have frizzy, curly, or wavy hair. Love this stuff.
  • Marcelle BB Cream Golden Glow – This product is also exclusive to Birchbox. This was way better than expected. It didn’t make me oily and the universal shade surprisingly blended in very well with my skin-tone. I usually hate shimmery products because they just don’t look good on people with huge pores but this was very subtle, it made me glow in a good way!
  • COOLA Classic SPF 30 Cucumber Moisturizer for Face – I am already a fan of COOLA products so it’s no surprise that I loved this! This stuff protects and hydrates my skin at the same time which I love instead of using 2 separate products. I’ve been using Retin-A on my face so it has been super dry and this came in handy.
  • Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels – This was my sample choice. While I was a little skeptical about this brand because I’ve sampled their face wipes in my Ipsy bag and they literally burned my face, these on the other-hand were awesome! You put them on after a night of no sleep or a long tiring week for about 10 minutes and when they come off your under eyes will look fresh and awake! Not to mention smooth as well. Apparently people loved these just as much as I did since they’re sold-out in the Birchbox shop.
  • Marcelle Mini Waterproof Eyeliner Travel Kit – Again, this too is exclusive to Birchbox. I received it in the color Electric Blue, Its a very pretty pop of color but I didnt feel as though this was waterproof and it seemed to be a little runny. Not too bad.
  • Emi Jay Solid Hair Tie 5-Pack – This was the bonus for the month! everyone received some type of hair-tie or band. They’re made from recycled material in LA. I have super thick wavy/curly hair and this hair band could barely go over my hair once. I wasn’t a big fan.

I was pretty pleased with my June Birchbox even though the bonus item was a fail for me.







The theme for the June Ipsy bag was “Swim Into Beauty” in reference to the summertime! The bag reflected the theme very well although I personally didn’t like it very much. It was made from a scuba material with ‘Ipsy‘ written all over it and it had a neon orange zipper.

  • Jules and Esther Vitamin C Serum – I’ve been looking for a vitamin C serum so I was very happy to see this in my bag! I have a lot of hyper-pigmentation from old acne scars and I was looking for something to lighten them up. I’m not sure if this is doing that for me yet but I do really like this stuff. It makes my face look brighter and makes my complexion feel smoother.
  • Smashbox Cosmetic Photo Finish Foundation Primer – I’ve had this before in the past and I’m currently using their pore minimizing one! I like this primer a lot, you might not be a fan if you don’t like silicone based primer but this makes my face feel so smooth and really preps it for my foundation,
  • BioRepublic SkinCare Sheet Mask Trio – I love the fact that Ipsy always sends multiples when it’s products like these. Last month they sent me 2 pairs of eye patches to try and this month they sent me 3 face masks! I have to say that I totally loved these. You leave it on for 15 minutes and afterwards your skin feels very hydrated and it glows!
  • Formula X Power Source nail color – I got it in a pretty bright coral color for the summertime. Although I don’t wear nail polish very much I did like the color a lot. I was already familiar with this brand because it’s the Sephora nail polish brand.
  • tre’StiQue Mini Shadow Crayon – I received this in the color ‘Marimoto Pink Pearl’ which is a nude pink shimmer. It’s nice for a quick swipe over the eyelid and you’re done! The fact that it was a crayon shadow and not a powder one made it have better staying power and it showed up better too. I like the color as well.

I don’t care for receiving nail polish much but overall I really loved my June Ipsy bag. I was happy with both Birchbox and Ipsy for June! If you would like to subscribe to either one of these beauty boxes please click my referral links below:






February: Ipsy & Birchbox

Ipsy Glam Bag and Birchbox are monthly beauty subscription boxes for $10 a month and they provide you with 5-6 samples in each box. The beauty and/or make up samples are catered to suit your needs, according to a quiz you take when you first sign up.

Birch Box








February’s Birchbox theme was ‘Friendship.’ The box was dedicated to the people who cheer us on, calm us down, and make us laugh so hard we cry. I though this was a cute idea since not everyone is in a relationship with a significant other so making the theme Valentines Day would’ve been cliche and overdone. Birchbox teamed up with Rent the Runway this month to give all their subscribers $10 off their first rented dress from the website. If you don’t know what Rent The Runway is, its a website that allows you to rent high-end dresses from many different brands for a low price and then return it when you’re done. I absolutely LOVED the box this month, the bright orange color with the cute violet purple speech bubbles all over it was adorable! Although I loved the actual box I didn’t really love what was in my box this month 🙁

  • Perlier Revitalizing Body Butter – Yet another hand cream/lotion. I think I’ve gotten one in every single box since I’ve been subscribed and I’m getting sooooo sick of it. Anyways, this hand cream was very thick but not greasy, its really good for the winter months and I loved the smell of almonds and honey! Yum.
  • Laura Geller Beauty GlamLASH Dramatic Volumizing Mascara – Probably the only thing that I actually liked in my box this month. This was my sample choice. I liked the formula, it didn’t have any under eye fall out which is what I hate most in a mascara! This was a win.
  • Dear Clark, Resurrecting Wash – Im going to be honest, I didn’t even use it. I hate getting shampoo as a sample because I will never buy it even if I like it because I just cannot justify buying shampoo for more than the typical drugstore prices.
  • Dear Clark, Resurrecting Rinse – This was the conditioner. Same as above.
  • Harvey Prince Hello, Limited Edition – This is exclusive to Birchbox. Another thing I hate receiving is a perfume sample, although I did like the scent of this one, I wear the same perfume all the time so Im not interested in trying perfume samples.

Overall this was probably my worst Birchbox since being a subscriber. But thats okay, because you’re not always going to recieve something you like! Its still worth it to me for only $10 a month.







Ipsy’s February theme was #ipsylove for Valentines Day. I got a lot of love from Ipsy’s February bag! Ipsy gave their subscribers a chance to win a yearly subscription this month by sharing a picture of your february bag on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using the tag @ipsy and the hashtags #ipsy #februaryglambag and by sharing it/tagging your friends. The bag this month was dark pink with a grey, white, and pink diamond pattern on the front side. I didn’t really like this bag much. Ive also noticed that I much prefer the bags with a top zipper than one that opens on the side.

  • CARGO Cosmetics Mini Lip Gloss – I got this in the color Anguilla which was a light pink/nude color. I hate lip glosses in general and don’t wear them. The texture of this was awful, it was super sticky and the color was horrible as well, it literally looked almost white on.
  • Hey Honey Take It Off! Exfoliating Honey Peel Off Mask – I absolutely loved this!!! You put a thin layer on your face and let it dry for about 15 mins and then you peel it off. It made my skin feel so soft and it looked brighter afterwards too! It smelled sooooooo good too.
  • Rob Scheppy for ‘Tini Beauty Eyeshadow – The color I received this in was Pearl Fizz which is like a shimmery champagne color. I liked this a lot, it showed up really well and had good staying power. But I do feel like I keep getting this eyeshadow color and although its my fav its getting kind of repetitive.
  • ModelCo BLUSH Cheek Powder – I got this in the color Cosmopolitan which is a ballerina pink color. I really liked this! You only need a little bit because its super pigmented, but it looks amazing on!
  • Luxie Beauty Large Angled Face Brush 504 – I love this brush so much! Its vegan, 100% animal cruelty free, and its antibacterial! It was soooo soft, I used it to apply the blush and it worked beautifully. I loved the rose-gold and pink color of it too <3

I think its safe to say that my February Ipsy bag was awesome with the exception of the lipgloss. My Ipsy bag definitely won over my Birchbox this month. If you would like to subscribe to either one of these beauty boxes please click my referral links below:






The Elysia Embroidery dress from Kaftan for Less

Many cultures have their own “cultural clothing” so to say, I am Lebanese and we do not have any particular traditional clothing and sometimes that makes me sad. I would say this dress is close to the traditional Moroccan kaftans so I was super excited to finally be wearing some type of traditional attire even if it wasn’t from my own culture. The Elysia Embroidery dress from Kaftan for Less is absolutely beautiful and can be worn to any special event you may have coming up. I am wearing the Plum color in these pictures.







Dress: Kaftan for Less

Jersey Hijab: Hijab-ista

Hand-chain: MonAmour Collection